“I have seen our community’s enormous potential.”

Rufus J. Faulk was born and raised in Roxbury by parents who taught the value of service early in his life. Growing up he watched his parents engage in volunteer activities in their community and learned the value of civic responsibility. He was deeply inspired by the community’s solidarity during the historic 1990 visit of the late Nelson Mandela and understood the community’s core identity was in its ability to unify. As a teenager he utilized the resources of neighborhood community centers and afterschool programs and while discovered a capacity for leadership and he developed a sense of social justice. The experience influenced his framework and inspired his vision to serve residents in Seventh Suffolk. Rufus believed Roxbury had enormous potential, so he tapped into his core values and channeled his talents to help the communities thrive. Rufus believes public service is a powerful method to evoke sustainable social change.


Rufus attended Boston public schools and although he was able to persevere through some challenges he recognized the social disparities present within his community. After receiving a bachelor degree in History from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, Rufus was offered a position within Philadelphia’s public school system. He declined the position and decided to return to his hometown to address youth violence, public safety, poverty and other critical issues that continue to threaten the social well-being of his community. His goal to revive, restore, and rebuild is not a catchphrase, it is his core value. Dedicated to building a community around a sense of purpose, Rufus began his tireless mission of advocating for Roxbury residents by forming partnerships, programs and initiatives in an effort to close the achievement gap. As Program Director forThe Boston Ten Point Coalition, Rufus formed partnerships with community based organizations, non-profits, residents and law enforcement agencies in an effort to improve our community’s quality of life and reduce youth-violence. With his mentoring and coaching, these young men develop social and employable skills that position them to provide for their families, protect their communities and live out their full potential. His grassroots work around public safety led him to reconcile gang conflicts, which ultimately led to a decrease in violence in Boston.

With a Master’s in Urban Affairs from the prestigious Boston University, Rufus implemented a community development and strategic plan designed to reduce neighborhood violence and gang activity. He will partner with businesses and work with legislation to create employment opportunities and build an infrastructure for economic, cultural, civic engagement and social development. With each new generation, fresh ideas to improve social change emerge. Rufus has the vigor and the commitment to be the voice of the people and uphold the value and dignity of the constituents he so proudly will serve. He is dedicated to positive change and new opportunities. Rufus as State Representative for Seventh Suffolk will ensure that our communities are safe and that every resident has the opportunity to achieve their version of the “American Dream”.
Addressing our Community’s Priorities

I was born and raised in this community and I’ve committed my entire professional life to improving the quality of life of my neighbors and my neighborhood. I have the personal, academic and professional experience needed to provide the leadership to create the legislation and advocate for our district on Beacon Hill, while also having the innovative ideas, energy and relationships needed to galvanize our neighbors & institution in order to address our community’s needs locally.

“Roxbury, you deserve better, vote for it.”

My top priorities include:

Public Safety and Community Development
I believe that the most important role of any government is to ensure that its citizens are safe and their quality of life is secure.

I will continue to work towards breaking the cycle of violence in our community by promoting legislation that puts an emphasis on prevention, reducing recidivism, removing illegal guns from our homes and streets and improving the conditions within our senior living facilities.

Workforce Development and Building the Local Economy
In order for us to break the cycle of poverty, unemployment and underemployment that have plagued our community over the last three decades; Roxbury’s residents must be trained for the jobs of today as well as the industries of tomorrow but also have access to employment opportunities locally and regionally.
I will advocate for an expansion and more localized training programs, raising the minimum wage to keep up with inflation, an increased focus on entrepreneurship and lending capital for small businesses in Roxbury.

Education and Youth Development
Our investment in public education is not only a commitment to our children but it is also a representation of our priorities. A person’s zip code should no longer determine the quality of education that they receive and the condition of the schools that they attend. I will fight to make sure that all of our institutions of education are preparing our children to be successful for college and beyond.

Roxbury has a median household income of $39,000 and an average rent cost of $1,400, the realities of raising rents and stagnant wages have increased the pressure on working families and seniors to keep and maintain their homes. I will work to bring affordability back to our rental housing market and introduce programs that will help homeowners to stay in their homes.

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